We think Drupal is the best CMS

Okay, we admit it. We love Drupal and have a bias towards it. We do know other CMS' (content management systems) have their benefits and purposes. But this post isn't about them. It's about why Drupal is the best.

Drupal isn’t for everyone. You do need a dev team to support your website to customize Drupal. And to be more specific, you need one that is well-versed in Drupal specific development

Every developer has his or her own personal favourites. After working on Drupal websites for many years, we have grown to love Drupal.

So here is our completely biased opinion on why Drupal is the best.

1. Drupal Is Customizable

Drupal allows for very high levels of customization. With Drupal, if you think it you can build it. The framework of the CMS itself never limits you.

With Drupal, it’s easy to customize your site to have app-like features. Websites have become more complex these days with a lot of various functionalities. Working with a flexible system has become important.

2. Some Of The Largest Sites Use It

Drupal is a powerful CMS, open source, that sites like Al Jazeera and The Economist use.

Drupal is structured like building blocks, which makes it flexible. The modular architecture makes it ideal to handle scale and continuous integration. Developers get more control over the code from the ground up (i.e. you can build anything).

3. Drupal Is Built For Scalability

Drupal’s modular building block system allows for easy scalability. Out of the box, it’s easy to integrate with other applications. This integration is usually needed at an enterprise level.

Another feature that makes it scalable is that you only select the modules you need on a per page basis. This eliminates a lot of excessive and messy code on pages that don’t need every module.

Drupal offers a series of articles on how Drupal can be configured for optimal performance and scalability.

4. Drupal Offers Enterprise-Level Security

Drupal offers enterprise-level security. High profile organizations like the White House and Nasa use it. Drupal’s core code base is very stable and secure.

Drupal has a security team comprised of a global group of web security experts. They take security very seriously. Their job is to analyze and report any security vulnerabilities.

Because most sites that run Drupal need an expert Drupal developer, the community is efficient at working together. There are over a million experts to review code and functionality. Any potential issue is quickly identified and dealt with before it becomes a threat.

5. Drupal Is Fast

One of the things that differentiate Drupal from other CMS’ is that it has built-in caching. In plain English, this allows for content to be delivered quickly.

What Drupal also does is allow you to select modules to run a per page basis. This eliminates unnecessary code that can slow a page down. Not everything needs to be a part of the site-wide template.

Keep in mind, there are other factors - not Drupal-specific - that can really slow things down. Things like the size of images, number of images on a page, number of requests to the server a page makes, and the number of modules running on a page.

There are helpful (and free) tools out there, like webpagetest.org, that provide lots of tips for helping to speed your site up.

6. Drupal Is Multilingual

Drupal modules come in 90 different languages. You can display your site in multiple languages and allows users to switch languages easily.

Here is a resource guide for configuring a multilingual site.

7. Drupal Is Good For SEO

If you know anything about SEO, you’ll know that Google is soon-to-be making a big switch to a Mobile First Index. (It’s a pretty big deal.)  Drupal 8 is also supported by a mobile-first philosophy, so it’s ready for the future of SEO. Drupal is very search engine friendly.

Here’s a good explanation of what Mobile First Indexing means.

Drupal offers excellent plugins for optimizing content. A couple of favourites are the Metatag module and the XML sitemap module.

Drupal provides a limitless platform for you to deliver amazing content. A solid framework – that can functionally do anything - is key to building your presence on search engines.

If you are looking for Drupal Web Developers for your next project, please get in touch. We are always happy to start a conversation.

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