Learn & Sing
"Learn & Sing" is a learn-to-read karaoke game for toddlers that leverages voice recognition technology! And it's as a 3-layered music app for kids — a fun-filled learning experience for pre-readers —  that we've designed it. Therefore, it's got: the entertainment factor the learn-to-read functionality the monitor & evaluate progress functionality By blending in: eye-candy, cartoonish graphics, that we've striven to make as visually…(Read more)
What we did:
  • cartoon-style graphics that would appeal to the youngest users
  • leveraged voice recognition technology 
  • implemented progress monitoring tools
  • microphone feature
  • added a compilation of the most popular nursery rhymes
A car tuning app with an AR dimension to it!  What sets it apart? it challenges the user to choose between 2 different browser modes: 2D and AR (the latter being accessible in the iOS version only) it “spoils” him/her with literally an overwhelmingly rich collection of car accessories from various resellers … “car accessories” which open whole new worlds themselves, crowded with different sizes, colors, materials to scan through and to…(Read more)
What we did:
  • provided hundreds of car tuning options
  • added an augmented reality dimension to it working with ARKit
  • equipped it with a sharing feature, too: each user gets to share his custom-tuned car to his friends
Toronto Maple Leafs Nation
Based in Toronto, Canada, MLSE is one of the leading sports and entertainment organizations in North America. It owns, among other teams (digital channels and sports facilities), the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. And it stands out as the company constantly looking to deliver both its teams’ fans and the participants to the various events organized in its sports facilities (e.g Air Canada Center) the best physical and digital…(Read more)
What we did:
  • Drupal development
  • Performance tuning
  • Front-end theming
Website targeting acculturated Hispanic women, delivering daily updated entertainment-type content. Highly popular in America, supported by a whole vibrant, loyal community or readers, it's become Hispanic women's go-to source of information covering various topics: Hispanic celebrity gossip, interviews and reviews, beauty and fashion tips and tricks and "how to" articles, Latin music videos, movie news, daily news on Latin events taking place…(Read more)
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal site building
  • upgrade to Bootstrap 3
  • mini-parser for content feeds
  • new custom theme
Yarra Plenty Library
Yarra Plenty Regional Library (or YPRL if you prefer), one of the largest ones in Australia actually, provides library (obviously) services to 3 municipalities northeast of Melbourne. Impressive enough, but what really sets it apart is its reputation as one the most progressive, innovative libraries in Australia. YPRL “spoils” its readers/website visitors with a rich collection of content types ranging from ebooks to blog posts, from event news…(Read more)
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules

  • Drupal site building

  • theming