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Give your business a new impulse: a website with content management software, great standard features, reliable performance and excellent security.

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Benefits for startups


We help to turn ideas into reality with a MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT (MVP) for web. Save time, money and risk with a streamlined version of the product featuring just the core features, so it can be tested with the target audience or pitch it directly to investors. We can build systems that can be scaled up so you can gain valuable insight and funding to develop further.


For startups looking for web partner who can help in the development of the product. We are fully capable of understanding the basic concepts of web development for startups and we understand that developing a website for startups is quite different from developing a website for any other business. This is because startups have their UNIQUE BUSINESS IDEA and generally have some FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS.


We know you are already established companies, wanting to expand your business globally. We can help you, achieve it. We are reliable, worthy partner that can lead the front on support, maintenance.

What we do

It's our very own “guilty weakness” for emerging technologies that's the real “culprit” for OPTASY's transformation, over these years (since 2005), from a Drupal solutions provider into a company specialized in full-cycle projects.
All the talent and energy that we've gathered in our team, over these years, all the creative minds that came on board, speak best of OPTASY's efforts to create a culture of innovation in-house.

We now handle all the phases of complex web projects, ranging from:

  • site/app structure planning
  • to custom modules development
  • to creating new functionalities from scratch
  • to theming
  • and post-launch maintenance & support

Solution in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Drupal design and development We approach each project as a true collaboration in ideation - the process of creating new ideas. OPTASY develops multiple concepts of the new website and works with our clients to create a unique and powerful design and assure a perfect development. The Drupal development will emphasize usability, but also provide an attractive web presence.

Step 2

Drupal support We offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. OPTASY is available to make functional changes, structural / layout changes, design changes or content changes to the Drupal websites. In addition, we are available to provide ongoing support of any marketing initiatives.

Step 3

Drupal maintenance OPTASY’s commitment to quality is with you from concept through to post-implementation support so you can be confident of our best results both during and after the development process. OPTASY also offers three managed services that can help protect our clients investment: Drupal Defend (patching), Drupal Watch Tower (monitoring) and Drupal Safe Deposit (backups).

What differentiates us

OPTASY is more than honoured to announce its recognition as one of the 
"2017 Top Web Development Companies in Canada"
based on a research conducted by CLUTCH

Optasy - Clutch

OPTASY Listed as a Leading Web Development Company by CLUTCH


Give your business a new impulse: a website with content management software, great standard features, reliable performance and excellent security.

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