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But Why Node.js?

Here you are, facing the challenge of adding an app to your company's “ecosystem” of  web/mobile products!

It's a must: you customers expect it, your competitors are constantly enriching and diversifying their own app collections, therefore it's a dare you must take!

And you need it built fast! You need it built with high scalability in mind and you sure need it turbocharged with sky high performance, as well! Lightening speed shapes the digital landscape these days!

Well, then there's your answer, right in your own requirements: Node.js, the open-source runtime environment written in JavaScript, makes precisely THAT powerful, modern cross-platform to get your server-side, networked app built in!

If you're still in doubt, here are some other “hints” that it's a Node.js-powered app that you need:

  • you need an easy to launch, real-time app
  • you need a data streaming, highly event-driven app
  • you need to boost your website's functionality with a live chat option
  • you need a networked application
  • you anticipate an intensive process of data exchange with the back-end: the need for that data to be written and accessed conveniently fast
  • you need a large database-driven app
  • you need a game app
  • you need REST/Json APIs
  • you need a high traffic-driven app (and here's where database and platform API come in)
  • you need a real-time data visualization/tracking app
  • you need a mobile app (and here is where JavaScript API for mobile applications comes in handy)
  • you need an app prototype to be developed “on the fly”

Do you fit the profile?

If so, here are the key advantages that you benefit from when you choose Node.js as your development platform:

It's incredibly scalable

And this tanks to the “event loop” concept that sets Node.JS apart from classic frameworks and allows developers (e.g. Us!) to writer highly scalable real-time apps

It's “overwhelmingly” versatile

And this is a “power” that you can't ignore! Practically this framework can power anything: from a software running in your browser to the Internet of Things.

It's not just fast, it's THE fastest

Thanks to the lightweight, Google-made V8 engine that Node.js runs on. Expect top performance, even if your app's supposed to do a lot of writing or reading to the file system or the internet!

Moreover, your future Node.JS-based app and the server will be always connected, continuously communicating. Unlike the “classy” scenarios where apps had to connect to the server each and every time a request had to be sent.

It's extremely robust

A functionality you can't afford to undermine since you expect your framework to handle an oversized database-driven app smoothly! And since you expect it to be properly “equipped” to carry a large audience.

Node.JS is built to handle a significant amount of workload!

It makes an excellent tool for developing real-time apps

For those scenarios (that look a lot like your scenario), where response time is decisive, Node.js makes the finest option.

Thanks to WebSockets (uninterrupted client-server communication channels), your future Node.js app will deliver real-time updates to your browser.

Not only that this means top speed on the client side (just think multiple connections, with multiple clients, handled simultaneously), but it also means less resources consumed on the server side.

It reduces development time dramatically

       And there are two key factors leading to shortening the whole app development process:

  • the code reuse facilities that Node.js empower developers with
  • and JavaScript used both for backend and frontend

Developers (lucky us!) have the Node Package Manager (more than 50,000 packages) at their disposal for quickly reusing, updating and sharing codebase.

Moreover, they don't need to write separate code for backend and frontend.

Wrapping up: a far less-time consuming development process or your future app!

It enables you to implement changes quick and easy

Practically Node.js being such a versatile and ideally scalable platform, you get to  prototype and then scale your app with great ease!

Constantly testing new improvements that you could apply to your app and then actually applying them is nothing but a super smooth process with Node.js!

It's open-source

And you sure guess what this means: a constantly enriched “toolbox” of modules delivered to you by the entire contributing community supporting it!


Our Node.Js Development Services

Whether it's a:

1. module
2. plug-in
3. application (one “capable” to simultaneously carry out multiple writing and reading tasks on a file system over the internet)

… that you need, we've got you covered!

No matter the size and the complexities that your Node.js development project involves, we're ready to shape it into a speedy, highly scalable networked app!

Here is specifically how we can leverage this platform's top functionalities while working on your own project!

In other words, here below you'll find a list of the services and custom solutions that OPTASY can deliver you as a Node.js development company:

  • Highly event driven Node.js web app development
  • Plug-ins and portals development
  • Node.JS API development
  • App migration to Node.js
  • Real time statistics display
  • Mobile app development
  • eCommerce, shopping cart development
  • Heavy load web app development
  • Real time chat app development
  • Content management tool
  • Real-time business app development
  • Custom application development services
  • Application & system monitoring development

Why Us?

Because we have the experience and the expertise to master the “full stack” development of your web/mobile app”.

And this reason alone should weight heavy when you're selecting the team of expert Node.JS developers to implement your project.

But there's more!

We're all into iterative development and into submitting “chunks” or your app/project for your approval (or disapproval!) throughout the whole development process.

Supporting our expertise and our technical know-how are our client-oriented approach and our communication skills. From the step where we conceptualize your Node.JS-based project and put together a prototype incorporating all your key specifications, to the point of putting together the blueprint that we'll submit for your approval, all the way to the last step where your app gets launched, we'll be constantly keeping you in the loop!