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Next.js Development

Need a React app "injected" with server-side rendering capabilities?

We're ready to tap into our experience with Next.js and get your SEO-friendly, fast-loading app up and running in no time.

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Why Next.js?

Because you do want all the "awesomeness" packed in a React front-end app, but... without the obvious drawbacks:

  • slow initial load time

  • hard times with fetching data from multiple sources

  • ... and with rendering content on the client-side

This is where Next.js steps in to... save the day:

  • it streamlines (aka simplifies) the whole React front-end development process

  • it handles the server-rendering part like a charm

In other words, with Next.js — the lightweight framework for React-powered apps — it's a universal app that you get. One that runs smoothly both on the client-side and on the server.


It might speed up building your React app and supercharge it with high performance and yet... it takes an experienced Next.js development agency like us to trigger this framework's robust features.


Progressive Web App Development

Thinking about jumping on the PWA bandwagon?

With both client and server-side rendering right out of the box, building Next.js-based progressive web apps gets fairly easier. We're ready to adapt its PWA-oriented features to your specific needs...

Next.js eCommerce App Development

Or maybe you're planning to extend your reach with an eCommerce app?

In this case, Next.js makes the best technology to power your app with:

  • it provides plenty of flexibility: the component-based development approach enables you to scale your app as much as you need to; to load it with new powerful eCommerce features on the go

  • it's "injects" high performance: React's Virtual DOM speed-boosts the updating of your app's view

And we're the best team of Next.js developers to:

  • set up your app's pages and components (or import them)

  • configure your eCommerce app to retrieve its data from various sources

  • add a shopping cart to your current Next.js app

  • style your Next.js eCommerce app

Next.js Static Website Development

We "dare" you to look beyond the misconception that a static website is "boring" and poorly functional. On the contrary, since Next.js:

  • comes packed with robust features that simplify the whole React front-end development process

  • taps into a static website's specific simplicity and turns it into high page-loading speed

Add our own experience as a Next.js development team to the equation and you'll get a fluid, high performance static website.

High-Performance, Interactive Web Apps

Is server-side rendering a critical issue for your future app? One fetching data from multiple sources, where SEO plays a major role?

We've got you covered: let's hear all your requirements and get that highly interactive, supercharged app built for you on Next.js!


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