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OPTASY strikes again! We've got listed among the top Drupal developers of 2020...

FindBestDevelopment, the leading ranking platform for the web development industry, featured us in their “Best Drupal Development” category. Take it as a “hall of fame” showcasing 10 of the best Drupal development companies in the... world.

And we've just earned our spot there. What a great way to start the year!

But Who Is FindBestDevelopment?

It's a market research and reputation platform that “detects” and rates the top software development companies in the world. 

And they do that... monthly.

FindBestDevelopment: OPTASY: Top Drupal Developers of February 2020


Take it as a free, trusted and conveniently exhaustive resource at hand for when you look for top professionals in fields like AI, eCommerce, Drupal, web, mobile app or IoT.

“And how do they evaluate and rank the IT service providers included in their tops? What criteria do they use?”

A legitimate question to ask yourself. 

FindBestDevelopment conducts an in-depth investigation of the targeted companies and:

  • analyses their business practices
  • compares them to the industry standards

For instance, in the case of a team of Drupal developers, their editorial staff would evaluate:

  • the team's overall experience as a Drupal services provider
  • its specific processes
  • the reporting
  • its portfolio and the impact of the projects included there

OPTASY Featured in the Best Drupal Development Awards


There are 8 different categories that FindBestDevelopment updates on a monthly basis:

  • Best Web Development
  • Best Mobile Application Development
  • Best Custom Software Development
  • Best eCommerce Development
  • Best WordPress Development
  • Best Drupal Development
  • Best IoT Development
  • Best Artificial Intelligence Development

From a Small Drupal Agency to... the Top 10 Drupal Developers

Looking back, way back (2005), when OPTASY was just a small team of Drupal enthusiasts, and analyzing our trajectory, we do get a bit... dizzy.

Little did we know (or hope to dare) that we would come 3rd place in the “Best Drupal Development Awards” on the world's most reputed ranking platform.

OPTASY: Top Drupal Developers of February 2020


It's overwhelming, it's rewarding and it's... a huge confidence-booster.

Seeing the other 9 finalists — companies that we've been looking up to — and knowing that our past projects played a key role in this evaluation, we get both a confirmation and an incentive to live up to these higher standards.

Thank You!

We have Drupal in our DNA: we've been living and breathing Drupal since... 2005.

And yet... if it hadn't been for our clients':

  • innovative ideas that they wanted implemented in their projects:  unique functionalities turned into custom Drupal modules, high standards in terms of visual aesthetics turned into custom Drupal themes
  • daring goals that they set for their projects
  • courage to adopt new approaches and emerging technologies to deliver the best user experience to their customers

… we wouldn't have been here, among the world's top 10 Drupal developers.


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