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6 Enterprise Use Cases for Augmented Reality That You, Too, Can Implement 
Long gone are the days when AR and VR used to be associated (strictly) to roller coaster simulations, the gaming industry or true… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Dec 5'2017
7 Common Mistakes in Interpreting Analytics Data: Statistical Pitfalls for Your UX Team to Avoid
All sorts of highly likely confusions, data taken out of its context, “obsessing over” numbers, approaching analytics with no… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Jul 12'2018
Artificial Intelligence Consulting: What Are the Typical Activities?
So, you've (finally) overcome your skepticism regarding it: artificial intelligence does have the potential to propel your… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Apr 17'2018
Best Augmented Reality Tools in 2018: Which Is The Right One for Your AR App?
“Build the next big thing in terms of AR apps!” Is this goal on top of your New Year's resolutions list? Well, then right now you… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Jan 3'2018
Best Drupal Blogs in January: Our 6 Top Favorite Posts This Month
How's 2018 treating you so far? As for us, we can't hide it: it has spoiled us big time this first month! A lot of great posts… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Feb 1'2018
Bringing Gutenberg to Drupal: A Modern Admin UI, a Better Editing Experience in Drupal 8
It's a robust, flexible and admin feature-packed CMS, there's no point in denying it. And yet: Drupal (still) lacks a modern UI… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Aug 17'2018
Build a Drupal eCommerce Website - 10 reasons
Robust, conveniently scalable, fully (and easily) customizable... What else? Oh, yes, it should definitely be a 2-in-1: CMS… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Dec 21'2017
CES 2018 Is Here! What Next-Generation Gadgets and Tech Steal the Spotlight?
The world's tiniest laptop, the rollable TV, the world's largest wall TV... all the disruptive “superlatives” in the tech… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Jan 10'2018
Collecting Requirements for Your Project: Best Tools and Techniques
Instead of stubbornly keeping yourself stuck, thinking that “Clients don't really know what they want”, how about you... give… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Apr 11'2018