Covid Trials Canada

is a non-profit initiative supported by Think Research, the leading provider of cloud-based clinical solutions in Canada. is the first patient portal developed to streamline the recruitment process of volunteers willing to participate in COVID-19 clinical trials.

Group 1353

What the Client Needed

The main goal was to get up and running as quickly as possible (given the global context, time was a critical factor). Certain sections and pages of the website needed to be customized to fit the client's specific needs.

The were technical requirements that had to meet, with two important ones being:
implementing a domain redirection: ensuring that the website had both English and French versions available
integrating Pardot – a marketing automation software – with the contact form on the website

Most importantly:
We had to ensure that the client's editorial team would be able to add, edit, publish, and manage content easily.
In this case, we knew that Drupal 8 was already a platform that granted users operational freedom.

Our role was to:
● build the website from scratch in record time based on the wireframes provided
● work closely with the client to customize key pages/sections on
● integrate the requested marketing automation tool (Pardot), once some glitches in the Drupal module were rectified
● successfully implemented the domain redirection as requested

 Service - Group 1352 NEW.svg

The Results

A crowdsourcing website with intuitive navigation where:
● the administrative team can edit content in real time
● patients volunteering to join COVID-19 clinical tests can easily fill
    in a registration form with their data
● the "Data" is automatically transferred to the research team responsible
    for matching patient profiles to suitable types of COVID-19 vaccine trials.