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10 e-Commerce Trends in 2018 To Keep an Eye On, Implement and Capitalize On- PART 2
I'm back! Not empty-handed, but with 5 more e-Commerce trends in 2018 that you just can't afford ignoring and not capitalizing on… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Jan 19'2018
10 Ecommerce Trends in 2018 To Keep an Eye On, Implement and Capitalize On- PART 1
Ready to.... stare into your crystal ball? To turn your visionary "superpower" on and... get a glimpse of the future of ecommerce… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Jan 18'2018
5 Drupal 8 Initiatives and The Pressing Issues They Address
Drupal user “complaints” turned into strategic battle-plans, resulting in groundbreaking improvements pushing Drupal forward.… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Jan 11'2018
7 Essential Things to Look for in Your Potential eCommerce Services Provider
Contending with the... paradox of choice? With a handful of tempting options in terms of ecommerce services providers that seem… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Mar 15'2018
An 8-Step Business Networking Guide for Startups Attending The Web Summit 2018 
I know that one of the tips from my previous post was to start preparing for the event a month before or so. And yet: there's no… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Dec 8'2017
How Do You Choose a Web Development Services Provider? 4 Things to Keep in Mind
Choosing a company that provides web development services is not as simple as shopping for other services. If it’s your business… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Mar 10'2017
How to Document & Estimate Your Drupal 8 Content Migration Project
About to get your Drupal 8 content migration project off the ground? Still a bit hesitant? No wonder, since just the perspective… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Jan 31'2018
Magento Enterprise vs Magento Community: Which One's Best Suited to Your Needs?
So you've made up your mind: it's Magento “fuel” that will be powering your e-commerce website. And now you're facing challenge… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Feb 22'2018
MuleSoft Alternatives: 7 Other Integration Solutions You Might Want to Consider
Here's where you probably stand now: you need to integrate all your on-premise systems or cloud (or both) applications and to… (Read more)
Serge Karpyuk / Mar 5'2018