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Node.js Development

Whatever the size and complexities of your Node.js development project

… we're ready to leverage this platform's top functionalities and deliver you a fast, highly scalable network Node.js app!

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But Why Node.js?

Here you are, facing the challenge of adding an app to your company's “ecosystem” of web/mobile products!

And you need it built fast! You need it built with high scalability in mind and you sure need it turbocharged with sky high performance, as well!

Well, Node.js, the open-source runtime environment written in JavaScript, is precisely THAT powerful, modern cross-platform to get your network app built in!

Here are the key advantages that you benefit from when you choose Node.js as your development platform:

It's incredibly scalable

And this tanks to the “event loop” concept that sets Node.JS apart from classic frameworks and allows developers (e.g. Us!) to writer highly scalable real-time apps.

It's “overwhelmingly” versatile

And this is a “power” that you can't ignore! Practically this framework can power anything: from a piece of software running in your browser to the Internet of Things.

It's not just fast, it's THE fastest

Thanks to the lightweight, Google-made V8 engine that Node.js runs on. Expect top performance, even if your app's supposed to do a lot of writing or reading to the file system or the internet!

It's extremely robust

A functionality you can't afford to undermine since you expect your framework to handle an oversized database-driven app smoothly! Node.JS is built to handle a significant amount of workload!

It makes an excellent tool for developing real-time apps.

It reduces development time dramatically

And there are two key factors leading to shortening the whole app development process:

  • the code reuse facilities that Node.js empower developers with

  • and JavaScript used both for backend and frontend

It enables you to implement changes quick and easy

Practically Node.js being such a versatile and ideally scalable platform, you get to prototype and then scale your app with great ease!

It's open-source

And you sure guess what this means: a constantly enriched “toolbox” of modules delivered to you by the entire contributing community supporting it!


A module? A plug-in? An application? We've got you covered! And here are all the specific services and custom solutions that OPTASY can deliver you as a Node.js development company:

Real-Time Chat Apps on Node.js

Let us try to guess your current scenario: you need an application capable to respond, in real-time, to a massive load of incoming short messages.

So, low latency is a key factor in this equation, isn’t it?

Well, we’ve been building this type of Node.js-powered, fast-upload systems for some while now... Just put us to the test.

Video Conference Node.js Apps

Or maybe it’s an app that uses VoIP that you need. One relying on intense audio and video files streaming.

In this case, Node.js is most suitable for your project and we’re one of the most high-skilled Node.js development teams to handle it.

Highly Scalable Node.js Apps

Will your future app depend on a server-side technology enabling it to scale out on multi-CPU servers?

Again, Node.js is the answer. We’re ready to leverage its cluster-based architecture and deliver you that highly scalable application that you need.


Node.js enables us to build fast and lightweight REST APIs, thanks to its Express.js framework. So, let’s hear your specific project requirements!

Other Types of Node.js Apps

And there’s more to add to our list of Node.js development solutions: real-time statistics displays, application & system monitoring, plug-ins and portals, app migration to Node.js, eCommerce apps, and shopping carts, etc.


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