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Karaoke game for toddlers "Learn & Sing" is a learn-to-read karaoke game for toddlers that leverages voice recognition technology! And it's as a 3-layered music app for kids — a fun-filled learning experience for pre-readers —  that we've designed it. Therefore, it's got: the entertainment factor the learn-to-read functionality the…Karaoke game for toddlers
What we did:
  • cartoon-style graphics that would appeal to the youngest users
  • leveraged voice recognition technology 
  • implemented progress monitoring tools
  • microphone feature
  • added a compilation of the most popular nursery rhymes
A car tuning app with an AR dimension to it!  What sets it apart? it challenges the user to choose between 2 different browser modes: 2D and AR (the latter being accessible in the iOS version only) it “spoils” him/her with literally an overwhelmingly rich collection of car accessories from various resellers … “car accessories” which open whole…RideSuit
What we did:
  • provided hundreds of car tuning options
  • added an augmented reality dimension to it working with ARKit
  • equipped it with a sharing feature, too: each user gets to share his custom-tuned car to his friends