Drupal Security

Drupal Security

Releasing and then keeping your website “into the wild”, totally exposed or just barely protected is like owing a fragile (although complex and impressively looking) card castle-alike website! Shake off this “tormenting” mental representation of your business now and meet your own dedicated Drupal security team: OPTASY!

Here's how we envision our future collaboration:

  1. After we've shaken hands, we will start auditing your website: we'll analyze its code to detect any possible bugs, we'll track down errors and vulnerabilities, thus mapping all its security issues
  2. Based on the report that we will have put together on the above-mentioned phase we'll then be able to:
  • run constant software security updates (checking that they don't come with vulnerabilities of their own, as well) as part of the whole maintenance plan that we'll present to you
  • clean up your website and recover it if we will have detected major security breaches, securing it, as well, from the future ones
  • keep track (running our security protocols) of any security vulnerabilities so that we can communicate them to you, eliminate them and also keep a close eye on them
  • proactively monitor your website. This means that we'll be keeping it under close surveillance, that we'll be on a constant lookout for vulnerabilities and that we'll be taking our roles as active members of the worldwide Drupal community really seriously. This will allow us to anticipate a security breach before it would actually get to turn itself into a problem affecting your website's functionality
  • offer your staff the needed support, once your new Drupal website is launched, so that they can get familiarized with all the protocols and security policies that they'll need to integrate in their daily work activities

Nothing Beats Open Source Security!

 We're your own dedicated team, but in fact you'll have a whole worldwide team of Drupal developers striving to back up your website! Through us an entire community of Drupal security professionals will be at your service, 24/7!

We're proud to be active members of this worldwide security team at your disposal: we're coming up with and constantly testing security patches for Drupal, updating and fiercely tracking down security breaches and malicious activities. If knowledge is power, then shared knowledge is super power!


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