Drupal Migration

Drupal Migration

Have you decided to migrate your website from your current CMS platform to an open-source and, moreover, a highly flexible framework: Drupal? Or maybe from an older version of Drupal to the temptingly innovative Drupal 8? Is Drupal migration the next step for you?

Good for you!

We know it wasn't easy for you to finally make this decision and we're also aware that you're now facing a major challenge!

We're here to make this transition as smooth, time-effective and with the least impact on your company's daily activities as possible.

Enough with the “bragging” now! Let us show you which are the actual steps we'll take in the Drupal migration of your website process:

  • first, we will subject your website to a rigorous analysis: our team of Drupal migration experts will take a close look at your system's database, will perform functionality tests and deeply analyze its current framework so that they can come up with the solution adapted to your company's specific migration needs. Each content management system (CMS) comes with its own migration particularities to be taken into account, while each company/enterprise comes with unique, specific needs.
  • next, we'll figure out which modules and design themes of your current website we can migrate to Drupal as such, which ones of them we'll have to develop from scratch and we'll also advise you whether it would be better to upgrade some of the existing ones, as well. Stay reassured: we won't take any changes implying-decisions without consulting with you first.
  • it's only at this point of the whole migration process that we actually start to actually ... migrate your website's "components". Here we're referring not just to its content as such but to its database, usernames, emails, plugins, extensions user groups and even to all the SEO work that your team has turbocharged your website with. We'll be handling them with maximum caution, securing all this valuable data while in our hands and making its transition from one platform to another as smooth as possible.
  • then, we cannot undermine the testing step's importance. Therefore, we'll test, test, test till we're 100% certain that your newly-built Drupal website is perfectly functional and that its performance has been significantly improved.

How we're actually going to guarantee you that the whole migration process goes smoothly and without interfering (and thus slowing it down) with your team's workflow/with the daily activity going on on your website?

Our confidence relies on our experience in using the best software tools and resources and in applying a proven efficient methodology.

We'll be actually migrating your website off your server, behind the curtains, guaranteeing you zero impact on your daily workflow and thus enabling you to keep growing your database even while your website's being transitioned to Drupal's platform.


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