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Econo-Rack, one of the leading pallet rack and shelving system providers, wanted to give their website a major “revamp”. A whole new per-page design, that they needed done on top of the existing scaffolding... A new website design that should look more... up to date, more visually-pleasing and inviting. So, they expected the whole process to involve (much) more than just redesigning the old headers and footers. In this respect, migrating their…(Read more)
What we did:
  • redesigned each web page, while keeping the old structure

  • optimized the way information was displayed across the website (we included more visually-appealing images and improved the content sections on each page)

  • implemented a new, more intuitive and visually-pleasing content layout

  • configured a new theme, starting from the client's WordPress template of choice, one featuring drop-down menus with images

JoVE (The Journal of Visualized Experiments), the only peer-reviewed scientific video journal out there, put us in charge of developing their new micro-site. Reputed among universities, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies for the experimental methods and scientific articles that they share in video format, for supporting and accelerating research in a whole range in scientific fields, JoVE needed to give their existing website a new look and…(Read more)
What we did:
  • designed (using Photoshop), themed and developed (using HTML, SCSS, jQuery) their new JoVE microsite

  • … one including a homepage, About Us, Contact Us and 2 Solutions pages

  • designed their email newsletter

MLSE - Auctions
“Auctions” is a new section set up to be easily deployed across the whole MLSE environment of Drupal websites and apps. One where registered sports fans can bid on various valuables and items auctioned there. In other words, to the highly diversified range of sports fan experiences that they were already providing, MLSE wanted to add one more: the bidding experience. And they assigned us, the OPTASY team, to create all the specific features…(Read more)
What we did:
  • created all the above-mentioned features and set up an MLSE auction system from the ground up

  • integrated 2 key modules into the project: the Drupal Commerce bundle and the Commerce Auction contrib module

  • further extended the Commerce Auction module's functionality to incorporate an automatic bids algorithm

  • implemented a custom pop-up form that enables bidders to inline edit their profile pages

  • set the logic behind to use an FCFS mechanism so that the system could cope with those autobid scenarios featuring simultaneous bidders

  • developed a custom Commerce payment method module, one that supports credit card online payment integration

  • automated the order issuing process for the winning bidders

Toronto FC Insider
(Far) More than just “another fan site”. Toronto FC's Drupal 7-based website turned out as the ultimate source of both informative and entertaining exclusive content for this team's supporters. Content that they can “consume”, interact with and turn into... lifelong memories. In short: the resulting fan site is a source of memorable experiences... And by “exclusive content”, meant to bring supporters closer to their favorite team, we do mean…(Read more)
What we did:
  • built the fan site from the ground up using Drupal 7: we've put together a custom pre-built architecture, then developed and added all the needed, project-specific components

  • integrated it with the Janrain CIAM platform (one leveraging a common user database, that a wide range of MLSE services and apps are “plugged” to)

  • integrated it with Vimeo, a media-rich platform, so that the exclusive video content gets retrieved, right from its sources, via API

  • synchronized content between the Vimeo account and the Drupal platform using a forced manual update for implementing a purge all/fetch all feature

  • integrated token sign-in validation from mobile apps: it takes no more than a click login for the user to switch from the fan site to apps serving the same purpose

  • configured the Janrain workflow so that it should be used on a multisite setup; this allows updating specific fields of the global Janrain user data object

Toronto Raptors Insider
A Drupal 7-based fan community website for the Toronto Raptors' supporters that delivers... unique fan experiences in the form of exclusive content. Various types of content: special offers insider-exclusive contests latest news short clips fan-generated content Interactive exclusive content meant to: bring the fans closer to their supported Toronto basketball team inform, entertain and engage them Our client…(Read more)
What we did:
  • developed the fan-community site from scratch, in Drupal 7; first, we built the custom architecture, then we developed and implemented all the needed components

  • managed to synchronize content between the Vimeo account and Drupal; the implemented solution is a forced manual update (purge all/fetch all feature)

  • integrated the website with Vimeo platform services; video content now gets pulled, directly from its source, via API

  • integrated it with the Janrain CIAM platform; the website now leverages a common user database, accessed by various MLSE applications and services

  • configured the Janrain workflow to be used on a multisite setup; this way, specific fields of the global Janrain user data object can get easily retrieved and updated

  • implemented token sign-in validation from a mobile application: users can migrate, with a single click login, from the fan site to the mobile app