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Econo-Rack, one of the leading pallet rack and shelving system providers, wanted to give their website a major “revamp”. A whole new per-page design, that they needed done on top of the existing scaffolding... A new website design that should look more... up to date, more visually-pleasing and inviting. So, they expected the whole process to…Econo-Rack
What we did:
  • redesigned each web page, while keeping the old structure

  • optimized the way information was displayed across the website (we included more visually-appealing images and improved the content sections on each page)

  • implemented a new, more intuitive and visually-pleasing content layout

  • configured a new theme, starting from the client's WordPress template of choice, one featuring drop-down menus with images

Our client needed a new service landing page and content page for the official website of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. In this respect, the plan included enhancing the existing template, to better support their marketing capabilities, and improving the current theme, as well. As for the “new” functionalities to be implemented, many of them were…Hamilton
What we did:
  • built and themed a new landing page listing all the departments (Cemeteries, Museums, etc.)

  • … one which overlaps the existing main header and “lives” within the same environment

  • provided a new page layout, with department-specific branding

  • ensured that the editorial staff could easily update the theme sections

  • cross-developed the new landing page for Drupal 8

  • provided a mobile version, as well, where the editor(s) could easily switch between the 2 versions of the menu color

  • implemented a functionality enabling the user to swap out, according to the specific department branding

  • implemented a functionality that would collapse the main header on and trigger a brand new page layout, along with the department-specific branding

  • enabled the editorial team to include up to 5 department-specific items overlapping the main header

  • set up and themed a new content page carrying the same features as the current basic one on the website, but without the side menus

The result: a more user-friendly, visually-appealing alternative to the current website of the city of Hamilton, one that better highlights the services provided there (culture, recreation, museums, etc.)

House & Home Media
The House & Home Media's website has quickly turned into an authority site, a leading source of expert advice on interior design. The featured content on this site is not just reliable, but highly diversified, too. The articles/videos/blog posts range from decorating advice coming from well-known designers and stylists, advocates of this…House & Home
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal performance tuning
  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal theming 
House & Home Media TV
House & Home Media TV is (as its name reveals it), an online TV platform airing an increasingly popular television show made of several 12 to 15-minute episodes. They feature tours of magnificently decorated houses, DIY projects, tips and tricks for easy makeovers, "Ask a designer" projects and so on. Oh, and yes: they're all starring experts…House & Home Media TV
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal responsive theming
A health portal featuring an entire "mosaic" of content types (health-related articles, job announcements, medical news, promotion material of various companies presenting their medical devices etc.), as well as a patient-dedicated forum and a whole collection of mini-sites that users (health-care companies, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies etc.)…
What we did:
  • Drupal custom development
  • Drupal Bootstrap theming
  • Drupal performance tuning
  • migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7
  • implemented an online scheduling appointment platform
  • improved the content management workflow
  • came up with a new design
  • fixed minor problems