House & Home Media TV
House & Home Media TV is (as its name reveals it), an online TV platform airing an increasingly popular television show made of several 12 to 15-minute episodes. They feature tours of magnificently decorated houses, DIY projects, tips and tricks for easy makeovers, "Ask a designer" projects and so on. Oh, and yes: they're all starring experts…House & Home Media TV
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal responsive theming
A health portal featuring an entire "mosaic" of content types (health-related articles, job announcements, medical news, promotion material of various companies presenting their medical devices etc.), as well as a patient-dedicated forum and a whole collection of mini-sites that users (health-care companies, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies etc.)…
What we did:
  • Drupal custom development
  • Drupal Bootstrap theming
  • Drupal performance tuning
  • migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7
  • implemented an online scheduling appointment platform
  • improved the content management workflow
  • came up with a new design
  • fixed minor problems



Ilobby is, at a “macro level”, a groundbreaking crowdsourcing platform empowering ordinary citizens to create new laws or to fix current ones, to gather support from other like-minded citizens for their causes and to share the costs of hiring a Washington lobbyist. Briefly put: is a form of “micro-lobbying”! Practically visitors can…
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal theming 
Website targeting acculturated Hispanic women, delivering daily updated entertainment-type content. Highly popular in America, supported by a whole vibrant, loyal community or readers, it's become Hispanic women's go-to source of information covering various topics: Hispanic celebrity gossip, interviews and reviews, beauty and fashion tips and…Latina
What we did:
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal site building
  • upgrade to Bootstrap 3
  • mini-parser for content feeds
  • new custom theme
MLSE - Auctions
“Auctions” is a new section set up to be easily deployed across the whole MLSE environment of Drupal websites and apps. One where registered sports fans can bid on various valuables and items auctioned there. In other words, to the highly diversified range of sports fan experiences that they were already providing, MLSE wanted to add one more:…MLSE - Auctions
What we did:
  • created all the above-mentioned features and set up an MLSE auction system from the ground up

  • integrated 2 key modules into the project: the Drupal Commerce bundle and the Commerce Auction contrib module

  • further extended the Commerce Auction module's functionality to incorporate an automatic bids algorithm

  • implemented a custom pop-up form that enables bidders to inline edit their profile pages

  • set the logic behind to use an FCFS mechanism so that the system could cope with those autobid scenarios featuring simultaneous bidders

  • developed a custom Commerce payment method module, one that supports credit card online payment integration

  • automated the order issuing process for the winning bidders