Want to see the “bill” first? Before you even consider starting an app development project with us?

Who could blame you?

Luckily, we anticipated your need for a cost estimate, so we've brought an app development cost calculator in this evaluation phase of our collaboration!

As you will see — by completing the little “questionnaire” here below — there are a whole lot of variables impacting the overall cost, ranging from:

  • basic, to complex, to custom functionalities that you'd like to supercharge your future app with
  • to a dozen of other factors, such as size, chosen platform, custom... everything (custom buttons, custom gestures, custom transitions etc.)
  •  … with/without an admin panel, type of content, business model
  •  to whether it's a desktop app or a mobile app
  •  to its UI particularities

Go through all the factors influencing an app's development costs included in our handy app cost calculator here. Make your selections and... get your price tag estimate!

Still, do expect a rough estimation...

Since no questionnaire could fully replace a nice chat we'd have, where you'd let us know precisely:

  • what your company business needs are
  • your specific app requirements
  • any other custom app development work that you'd like us to do for you

In other words: take the numbers that you'll get — using this app cost calculator here —  as a rough estimation.

One that lets you know what you're getting yourself into, but which does not deliver you an accurate “bill” for implementing your brilliant app idea with us!


A few simple questions stand between you and the quote.

Go through the questionnaire and get the result. Select your needs.

Login System

Functions for logging in, sign-up and restoring the password. Mostly work based on email notifications.

User Accounts

Function for managing user's profile. They allow users to set up their own account.

Location & Dates

Options for booking, selecting dates and time, geolocation etc. Allow users to interact more closely with the project.

User Engagement

Additional opportunities for users which will increase participation in your project.

Your Details

Last thing, please put your details below

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