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What Is Next.js Used For? Is It a Good Fit for Your Project? 2 Clues that You Should Use It
It sure is “the thing” these days. But does that make it “the perfect... thing” for your project, as well? For your specific… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Nov 4'2019
The 6 Drupal Blog Posts that Everyone at OPTASY Has Read (and Enjoyed) in October
It's the season to be... feeling all cozy and warm, reading some high-quality Drupal blog posts. And so, we embraced this "… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Nov 1'2019
What Is the Best Web Design Platform for... You? For the Type of Website that You Need?
For that's the proper question to ask yourself: "What is the best web design platform for my own use case?" For your own context… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Oct 30'2019
Acquia Developer Studio: What Is It and Why Would You Want to Use It?
What Is Acquia Developer Studio? Acquia Developer Studio is a collection of tools designed to simplify and streamline all… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Oct 28'2019
Why Is WordPress so Popular? What Makes It More Popular than... Drupal? 3 Main Reasons
It scales like no other — built to accommodate huge amounts of content and massive volumes of traffic — it's incredibly robust,… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Oct 25'2019
When to Use GatsbyJS? What Are Its Strongest Use Cases? Top 10
It's fast, it's secure, it boosts SEO and it provides a great developer experience, but does it fit your use case? For it all… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Oct 25'2019
The Chatbot Testing Checklist: Tools, Techniques, and Metrics to Include in Your Testing Strategy
With no standardized chatbot testing method at hand, how can you ensure your bot is error-free and user-engaging? What… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Oct 23'2019
Website Personalization: 6 Clever Ways to Create Personalized Website Experiences
Everybody agrees: website personalization is... power.  But how do you harness it? And, most of all: How do you get the most… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Oct 21'2019
How to Hire Drupal Developers: 5 Ways to Find the Right Drupal Talent for Your Project
Say you already have your product specifications clearly written and you start "hunting" for the right Drupal talent for your… (Read more)
Adriana Cacoveanu / Oct 18'2019