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Javascript VS jQuery: Which One Should You Use?
Web development experts tend to debate a lot when it comes to Javascript vs jQuery. There is really no correct answer in this… (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / Mar 3'2016
Node.js 10 Is Out: Here Are 10 New Features and Improvements Worth Getting Really Excited About
Have no fear... Node.js 10 is here (since April 24, actually)! And, as expected, this version is planned to grow into the… (Read more)
Node.js App Development: 11 Coding Habits for Making The Most of This Framework
Last' year's “Should I learn Nodejs?” dilemma has turned into an “I'll strive to become a better Nodejs developer!” resolution… (Read more)
RADU SIMILEANU / Feb 15'2018
PhoneGap vs React Native: Which Platform to Choose for Building Your Mobile App? And Why?
A great developer experience or a great user experience? A familiar web technology for you to code in or native-like performance… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Mar 1'2018
React Native vs Flutter: Which One to Use to Build Your Cross-Platform App With? And Why?
They're both open-source and some highly popular options for cross-platform app development. They're both backed by huge tech… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Nov 6'2019
Should You Be Using Node.js? How Do You Know If It’s Suitable for Your Web Project?
There's no such thing as “the best web technology” but “the best technology for particular use cases”! For your web projects' … (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / Sep 22'2017
Top 3 Tools to Build a Progressive Web App 
“Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps.” (Google Developers). Brief, to the… (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / Aug 4'2017
Vue Vs React: Which One Should I Use for My Front-End Project?
Ready to set up your web app? One which, needless to add, should deliver your users a feature-rich front-end experience? Great!… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Jan 8'2018
WebAssembly vs JavaScript: Is WASM Faster than JS? When Does JavaScript Perform Better?
“Will WebAssembly replace JavaScript by 20XX?” This is one of those “sensationalizing” news of the moment, right? But still: if… (Read more)
Silviu Serdaru / Dec 7'2018