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How to Write (More) Predictable and Maintainable CSS: 9 Developer Tricks
CSS is very flexible since it doesn’t impose on how you should write your CSS rules but putting CSS rules in different spots can… (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / May 2'2016
How many times haven't you heard this line: “There must be a CSS for that!”. You might have said to yourself: “yeah, right, like… (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / Dec 7'2016
What Are the Top Web Development Tools for Mac OS X that Shouldn’t Miss From Your Toolkit?
Every expert from every field has his or her own tools of the trade and web development is no different – web development tools… (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / Apr 28'2016
Why Would You Want to Use a CSS Preprocessor? Main Benefits
The concept is simple: you can use more complex CSS files that could contain variables, functions, “mixins” and other things, too… (Read more)
Adrian Ababei / Feb 16'2016