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We do a lot of planning, coding, development work, designing, testing, and debugging here at OPTASY. But we sure do a lot of reading, as well. And Drupal blog posts are on top of our reading list.

There are Drupal development agencies and companies whose blogs we read regularly and there are those little "surprise gems" that we stumble across now and then. 

Valuable pieces of content that we find useful (and usable) and a pleasure to read, as well.

Curious what we've read (and enjoyed) in between our code developing sessions and scrum meetings this month?

Then here's a list of 5 blog posts on Drupal development that gained the greatest no. of votes in our team:

1. The Widget Registry: How to Serve Reusable Interactive Content Pieces  

Ezequiel Vázquez, a back-end developer at Lullabot, shares with us the solution that they implemented while working on one of their Drupal projects, to one challenge they faced:

How to provide reusable (and interactive) pieces of content that would grant content editors the freedom to build new pages for that Drupal website in question.

These web components (widgets) could be re-rendered on multiple websites but would provide website-specific features.

Once they've presented us the main goals of their... “endeavor”:

  • to set up a widget registry acting as a “repository” that would list all the published widgets as web services that the main Drupal website, along with other few static sites, could easily access
  • to provide a server where all those widgets could get incorporated into.

… they delve into the solution that they opted for:

Implementing a micro frontends-based architecture.

How they did it, well, I'll leave it to you to discover. What I can honestly say is that for us it's been one of those Drupal blog posts that's both useful and usable:

It proposes a solution to an all too common challenge: creating reusable web components in Drupal.

An easy to read Drupal blog post, that backs its explanations with chunks of code (we always appreciate that “detail”).

2. Replace media files with respect to SEO: Media Entity File Replace Drupal module!  

Here's another real-life challenge that's so familiar to Drupal developers and (most) Drupal site owners:

How to replace your current media files — price lists, PDF files, product images — with new ones without impacting your website's SEO rankings.

That because traditionally Drupal would add a number (_0, _1...) to the newly added files instead of just... overwriting the original ones.

Next, the Drudesk team brings out the solution: the Media Entity File Replace module.

It stands out as a winning SEO-friendly option because it overwrites the old files without changing their names and paths.

Then, as you can guess, they go about installing the module and configuring the “File replace” widget. And about how you can use it to actually replace your media entity files without jeopardizing your SEO efforts.

Concise and to the point, easy to follow, it provides us with a handy solution to an all too common problem... No wonder Drudesk's blog post has made it to our monthly list of favorites.

3. Sell Whatever You Want With Drupal Commerce- Product Attributes Configuration

Droptica team's post tackles the topic of product attributes on a Drupal Commerce website.

Why are they crucial to any online shop? How do you add attributes to product variations if you owned a:

  • clothing store
  • an electronics store

How do you replace a selection list with one displaying... colors instead?

E-commerce website projects are one of the most common types of projects that we work on here, at OPTASY. And Drupal Commerce is our clients' main option in terms of e-commerce platforms.

Hence, we've found Droptica's clear and step-by-step mini-tutorials on how to add specific characteristics to products in various types of online stores so very valuable.

And so, it easily made it to our list of top favorite Drupal blog posts in February.

4. Drush 10 & the Future of Drupal CLI, One of Our Top Favorite Drupal Blog Posts this Month

What's new in Drush 10? 

How is it different from its predecessor, Drush 9? And why would you want to make it your “go-to” command-line tool instead of... Drupal Console?

Preston So, editor in chief at Tag1 Consulting, answers all these questions and dilemmas of ours in this blog post.

Furthermore, he brings the age-old talk about adding Drush to Drupal core into the spotlight, focusing on all those key reasons why this initiative should turn into reality:

  • it's leaner and faster than older versions of Drush, making it an ideal CLI to use for remote Drupal interactions
  • it incorporates all those changes that Drupal 8.8 has earned itself loads of attention with
  • the perspective of having all those essential Drush commands that we're so familiar with — enabling/uninstalling modules, logging in as a user, clear cache — easily available in core

Needless to add that all the Drupal developers at OPTASY enjoyed reading this post (with Drush being an indispensable tool in our “toolkit” for... years now). And that we, too, look forward to the day when it makes it to Drupal core.

5. How to Customize the Language Switcher in Drupal 8

“Building multilingual sites is now faster and easier than ever.“ it says on, in connection to Drupal 8's enhanced capabilities and approach to... internalization.

And yet, The Savvy Few team puts the spotlight on a small “crack” that they spotted:

The language switcher. What if you need to go beyond the default functionaly it provides?

What if, once you've enabled it and placed it precisely where you needed it to be displayed on your Drupal 8 site, you decide to:

  • custom-tune its links?
  • define where those links get rendered?

Then, after they challenge us to ask ourselves those 2 questions, The Savvy Few team shares with us the solution that they found to customize the language switcher on their own website.


  • custom-tuning the language block to their specific needs
  • to replacing the link labels
  • to hiding links to content that's still untranslated

… it's all there, in a couple of easy to follow, clearly explained steps that anyone can implement.

The END!

Your turn now:

What Drupal blog posts have you enjoyed reading this month? 

Are they Drupal community news-related, how-tos, module reviews, case studies...?

Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay


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