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It's the season to be... feeling all cozy and warm, reading some high-quality Drupal blog posts.

And so, we embraced this "seasonal trend", grabbed our coffees/warm teas... notebooks and delved deep into the pile of valuable content on Drupal published this month. 

Curious what posts have been the most read and shared within our team? Here are the 6 most popular ones:

1. WishDesk: Rabbit Hole Module in Drupal 8

The WishDesk team brings to our attention a crucial module, that should run on every Drupal website: Rabbit Hole.

It's geared at granting you full control over how and when your web pages get displayed to users based on their roles and the specific settings that you've configured.

6 Drupal Blog Posts that We Enjoyed Reading this Month: Rabbit Hole Module in Drupal 8


They start by answering one of the most legitimate questions anyone reading their blog might have:

"Why would I want to limit or even deny access to some of the pages on my Drupal website?"

And they don't limit themselves to just one answer. Instead, the WishDesk team goes on carrying forth several real-life scenarios where you'd want to control page access on your website: 

  • when you have sensitive information posted on certain pages, that you don't want to grant general access to
  • when some pages aren't properly themed (they're only building blocks)
  • when you have paid content on some of your pages, with subscription-based access
  • ...

Next, they bring in the "culprit" into the spotlight and give us a quick tutorial on:

  • how to install it
  • how to properly configure it


  • setting the behavior ("Display the page" or "Access denied" or...)
  • to deciding whether you should go for the "Page redirect" option as well (and where precisely the users should get redirected to)
  • to defining per-entity settings
  • to setting the due permissions for each user role

... this Drupal blog post makes a step-by-step guide on how to use the Rabit Hole module for putting together a fully customed page display and user access scenario.

2. Mediacurrent: Migrating Apigee Developer Portals to Drupal 8

Are you still using Drupal 7?

Well then, with Drupal 7 coming to an end in 2 year's time and Google's announcement that it would cease its support for it in 12 months, there's no alternative:

You have to migrate your Apigee portals to Drupal 8...

And this is where Mediacurrent's blog post comes in to:

  • present and detail your 2 options: a custom upgrade to Drupal 8 or the Drupal 8 Kickstart distribution
  • indicate to you the specific scenarios where one way of migrating your portals is more suitable than the other: does your Drupal 7 portal feature heavily customized content or does it leverage default functionality only?

They go on showcasing the Apigee distribution, outlining its key features:

  • the already familiar content types (Basic Page, Forums, Article...)
  • the old SmartDocs replaced with API Doc content type in Drupal 8
  • the new block types that Apigee adds in Drupal 8
  • the sample content that you get out-of-the-box, which makes setting everything up in Drupal 8 a lot easier

Next, they draw your attention to the dedicated module that this Apigee kickstart distribution provides, to streamline the whole process and make it as effortless as possible.

6 Drupal Blog Posts that We Enjoyed Reading this Month: Migrating Apigee Developer Portals to Drupal 8


Their post ends with a detailed scenario when a standard Drupal 8 upgrade is the best option:

If your portal carries a lot of customization you don't want to compromise.

Furthermore, they share with you the "3-module kit" to use if this is your use case:

3. Specbee: How to Create a Custom Layout Builder in Drupal 8

Why have we added the Specbee team's piece of content to our list of favorite Drupal blog posts of the month?

Because it's that clear and to the point "how-to" tutorial that we had been looking for on this topic.

6 Drupal Blog Posts that We Enjoyed Reading this Month: How to Create a Custom Layout Builder in Drupal 8



  • setting up a custom module for your custom layout builder
  • to defining its basic keys
  • to setting up your layouts.yml file for defining the different regions of your layout
  • to... finally enabling your new custom module

... it's all there, clearly explained, fluidly put together and backed with valuable pieces of code.

Thank you, Specbee!

4. OpenSense Labs: Decoupled Drupal Commerce and React Native

The moment we read its headline we delved right into this post from OpenSense Labs:

We, too, are advocating for this poerful duo: Drupal Commerce & React Native.

So, the topic they were announcing through the headline just got us hooked in no time.

6 Drupal Blog Posts that We Enjoyed Reading this Month: The Duo of Decoupled Drupal Commerce and React Native


Shanker, their post's author, does a great job:

  • showcasing some of Drupal Commerce's strongest features
  • responding to all the main "Whys" on using decoupled Drupal Commerce: more flexibility, more scalability, a faster and more interactive JavaScript presentation layer of your choice...
  • highlighting some of React Native's biggest selling points, as well

The blog post ends with a powerful incentive:

A brief case study of an Icelandic company that enriched the customer experience delivered on their Drupal website by connecting it with a React Native-based mobile app.

5. Best Drupal Blog Posts- Lullabot: Hide Your Key, Hide Your Access 

We're huge fans of Lullabot's posts for they're always:

  • helpful
  • usable
  • clearly written
  • neatly structured

And this one's no exception... 

With Drupal security being an ever-present fear and, therefore, an evergreen topic, their set of tips on how to and how not to store your access credentials is gold.

6 Drupal Blog Posts that We Enjoyed Reading this Month: Hide Your Key, Hide Your Access


First, they point out the usual mistake made when storing token, keys, access credentials:

We just shove them in our Git repositories, as plain text values in our code, and... that's it.

We genuinely assume that we blocked all access and that they're safely banned to the public eye.

Next, the author, April Sides, takes the time to answer every valid question that might instantly cross your mind while reading the first paragraph, such as:

"OK, if I cannot store my access credentials in my Git repository, where should I?"

She goes on revealing valuable and, most of all, actionable tips on:

  • using custom environment variables to store your keys on
  • how to enable your code's access to those newly registered variables
  • the first step to take if you've already committed your access credentials to your code repository

It's definitely a valuable piece of content for anyone — Drupal teams and Drupal site owners — who's on a constant lookout for mistakes they might be making that could jeopardize their websites' security.

For anyone who's constantly looking to add new effective steps to his Drupal security checklist...

6. Srjan: Integrating Marketing Automation With Drupal

The last (since it's the most recently read) piece of content on our list of favorite Drupal blog posts in October tackles an issue that we're particularly interested:

How to implement the best marketing automation solutions in Drupal.

In this respect, what we're grateful for, after reading it, is the "bulky" list of Drupal modules to use for automating one's marketing efforts.

6 Drupal Blog Posts that We Enjoyed Reading this Month: Integrating Marketing Automation With Drupal Can Drive Faster Response Time To Customers


They go on listing and detailing no less than 13 different Drupal modules geared at automating your content management and marketing operations.

Ranging from HubSpot to Marketo, to Personalize, to Salesforce Suite, to... their collection is diversified enough to include at least one module that fits your own use case.

At least one Drupal module that'll help you:

  • evaluate the level of user engagement on your website
  • avoid getting all "tangled up" in huge volumes of collected data and get the most of it  instead
  • scale and streamline your marketing implementations across your entire infrastructure of websites, locations...

The END!

These are the Drupal blog posts that have passed the OPTASY team's "popularity test" this month.

What blog posts have made it to your personal top in October?

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