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What do you do when you stumble upon some super-useful Drupal blog posts? You share them.

And this is precisely what we'll do in today's post: 

Share with you the 5 posts on Drupal, from other Drupal blogs, that won the OPTASY team's "popularity contest" in January. 

It's just 2 key criteria that we used for putting together this selection: 

  • usefulness: is the Drupal-related information included there helpful for our work?
  • user engagement: is the blog post easy and enjoyable to read? 

1. 3 Modules to Enhance Drupal 8 Layout Builder 

When you say “useful Drupal content”, you say OSTraining. 

It's the ultimate resource of Drupal tutorials that check off the 3 major “must-haves” on anyone's list: 

  • to be useful
  • to be relevant
  • to be easy to follow 

This piece of content that we picked from their blog isn't precisely a “How to”, yet it still meets the 3 above-mentioned requirements. 

We loved it because it challenged us to see beyond the fame surrounding the Layout Builder module. It dared us to recognize its limitations, as well. 

Top 5 Drupal Blog Posts from January 2020: 3 Modules to Enhance Drupal 8 Layout Builder


Then, it provided us with already available solutions to those... shortcomings: 

3 contributed Drupal modules aimed at helping this “rockstar” module overcome its limitations: Layout Builder Styles, Layout Builder Library, and Layout Builder Restrictions


  • enabling site builders to apply their pre-defined CSS styles to sections and blocks
  • to empowering them to put together pre-defined layouts for every entity type (that content editors can then choose from)
  • to providing an interface that makes it possible to suppress blocks and layouts and thus control the options to be displayed by provider 

… these additional modules come to complete and to further enhance the Layout Builder's flexibility. 

A more than useful “trio” that we thank the OSTraining team for casting a spotlight on. 

2. Drupal’s Admin UI and How it Compares to WordPress 

We found Acromedia's initiative so brave: 

To challenge the deep-carved conception that the admin experience in Drupal is... overwhelming, by definition. And inferior to the one in WordPress.

The author, Mike Hubbard, dared us to:

  • try and get some distance from the “WordPress is easy, Drupal is hard” common belief
  • actually run a comparative side-by-side analysis: the experimental admin UI in Drupal 8 — Claro — vs WordPress's admin UI. 

Actually, he does it himself, using 10 different criteria that range from creating/editing pages to plugins and modules, admin toolbar, managing widgets, and blocks... 

Top 5 Drupal Blog Posts from January 2020: Drupal’s Admin UI and How it Compares to WordPress


He outlines the “winner CMS” in each one of the 10 categories and, in at the end, and makes an “inventory” of their out-of-the-box edges. 

The conclusion?

Drupal and WordPress aren't as different (not since Claro landed in Drupal 8), in terms admin experience, as you may think. 

Each CMS ships with its own “load” of strengths and... aspects that could be improved. For instance, you can edit pages in Drupal on the go, but it's easier to create new ones in WordPress. 

Another final thought is that each one of the 2 CMS meets a specific set of requirements:

  • do you need to set up and “juggle with” complex workflows? Drupal's the perfect fit for you. 
  • do you need to provide your site admins the best authoring experience? WordPress's the answer in this case. 

3. Why and how to create a forum on your Drupal 8 website

Another piece of content signed by the Drudesk team that has all the “ingredients” to stand out as “one of the best Drupal blog posts of the month”

  • it's easy to read
  • it's visually-rich: lots of helpful screenshots of the Forum module
  • it's packed with both useful and... usable information 

Top 5 Drupal Blog Posts from January 2020: Why and how to create a forum on your Drupal 8 website


In a nutshell, it does what it promises: 

It outlines the benefits of setting up a forum on your website and takes you, step by step, through the process of creating one in Drupal 8 using the core Forum module.


  • creating your categories and subcategories
  • to adding your forum topics
  • to setting the participants' permissions

... it's all there, clearly structured, easy to follow and backed by images and videos. 

4. Top 5 Drupal Blog Posts: A Prelaunch Checklist for your Drupal Website 

So what if we already have a prelaunch checklist set in place here, at OPTASY? There's always room for additions and updates. 

And it's always a perfect time for... comparing it to other Drupal teams' lists (like Specbee here), just to be sure we haven't overlooked any key aspect. 

Top 5 Drupal blog posts from January 2020: A Prelaunch Checklist for your Drupal Website


Specbee's pre-launch list is an 8-step one, including things to check like: 

  • file permissions: are they properly set? Is your web server allowed to write or edit the files it executes? You'll want to fix that before launch day
  • Drupal security updates: have you rolled out all the latest Drupal 8 patches?
  • server configuration: is your Drupal team able to upload large media files from your website?
  • website Performance: have you enabled caching and have you optimized your CSS and JS files?
  • ...

A handy and helpful checklist that you might want to go through, whether you're a Drupal developer or a Drupal site owner. Whether you already have a pre-launch list or... not yet. 

5. Things To Know Before Embracing Drupal Multisite Functionality 

Why did the Srjan's post make it to our selection of Drupal blog posts from January 2020? 


  • it draws attention to one of Drupal's most popular features: multisite configuration
  • it goes beyond the obvious benefits: Drupal makes it so easy to create and configure new websites for your multi-site infrastructure
  • it highlights also the challenges and limitations of opting for a Drupal multisite architecture 

On one hand, Drupal multisite allows you to have multiple themes and site-specific features in your multi-site structure. On the other hand, you have just one codebase and, therefore, a unique point of failure. 

Top 5 Drupal blog posts from January 2020: Things To Know Before Embracing Drupal Multisite Functionality

On one hand, in a multi-site setup you get to streamline your content management processes. On the other hand, “juggling” with multiple databases can turn into an “overkill” from a maintenance standpoint. 

The author, Urvashi Melwani, ends the post with an honest and unbiased recommendation for the reader: 

  • if your websites serve different purposes, don't opt for a multi-site architecture
  • if they have similar functionality (i.e. same set of Drupal modules) consider a multi-site solution 


These were the 5 most popular Drupal blog posts at OPTASY last month. 

Your turn now: 

What valuable pieces of content on Drupal have you stumbled upon lately? 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 


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